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●  President of CTI Analytics, Division of Consul Tec, "Inc.

●  Vice President Corporate Analytics, Member of the Board of Directors, and Chairman of the Board of Advisors at Stateside Energy Group

●  President, CEO, Chief Consultant, Consul Tec, Inc.

●  Vice President, COO, CTI Communications

●  President, COO, American Business Computer

●  Chief Product Planner, Ford Motor Company

●  Business Planning Specialist, Ford Motor Company, Customer Service Division

●  Chief Program Evaluation, Ford Motor Company, Product Development Group, Car Product Planning Office

●  Accessory Product Planning Manager, Ford Motor Company, Lincoln-Mercury Div.

●  Program Timing Supervisor, Ford Motor Company, Chassis Engineering Office

●  Engineering Specifications Analyst, Ford Motor Company, Chassis Engineering

●  Technical Systems Analyst and Salesman, Standard Register Company