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Letters of Recommendation

for John Eilertsen

These names may be reveled upon request
From:  J.L.F., Executive Director, Ford Motor Company, Truck Operations

I take this opportunity to recommend my longtime business colleague, John Eilertsen, to anyone wishing to utilize his business expertise, and particularly his entrepreneurial and marketing skills.  I have known John for many years during our time together in Car Product Planning at Ford and later when I hired John as an outside special consultant for the Ford Truck Operations. 

I have the utmost respect and confidence in John.  He has character attributes that can be counted upon... he is honest, caring and thoughtful.  He is not afraid to say what he thinks, so one never has to guess where John stands on a particular issue. 

Further, as a businessman, he is highly intelligent, self-confident, innovative and creative, and follows projects with an undaunted passion.  Dedication to work, organization, and tireless attention to detail in the pursuit of perfection are attributes that have lead John to numerous successes.  John is truly a unique individual who can be a great asset to any business utilizing his services. 

From:  C.E.M.,  Group Vice President, Ford Motor Company

John and I were very closely associated during the years he was associated with Product Planning in Ford's Diversified Products Operation. 

During these years I was able not only to gain first hand knowledge of John's abilities as a professional Product Planner, but also to be exposed to his creative approach to problem solving, his ability to get his point across and the job accomplished. 

John's performance in all areas related to Product Planning was outstanding, what's more he is respected for his knowledge and is well liked because of his broad range of management expertise (planning, marketing, finance, engineering, etc.). 

He is one of those rare individuals that possess all of the qualities necessary for outstanding management. 

Suffice it to say that John is one of perhaps three individuals that I have met during my career in Ford Motor Company that I believe has unlimited potential.  

From:  G.T.D., Director of Corporate Information Systems, Ford Motor Company

I knew John during the nearly twenty years we worked together at Ford.  During this time I was impressed with John's personal traits and his many accomplishments.  He was ambitious, dedicated and results-oriented.  John had the reputation of being the first to arrive at work and the last to leave. 

He gained the respect of his peers due to his leadership qualities, analytical skills and his ability to resolve complex problems. 

I would recommend John for any executive level position that requires strong leadership, motivation, aggressiveness, analytical skills and the ability to solve problems related to people, product, or finance. 

John has had extensive experience in these areas, and has proven himself many times as a person who can make positive things happen. 

From:  B.E.H., Product Development Group, Ford Motor Company

John reported to me as Chief of Program Evaluation in the Car Product Planning Office of the Ford Motor Company. 

His work included: a major role in the Corporate Option Business Review, which established new incremental option profits; responsibility for the total financial control over carline piece costs and tooling expenditures; cost reductions; developing new business opportunities; and other profit improvements. 

Additionally, his responsibilities included the establishment and implementation of product objectives for several carlines. 

John always performed these duties in an excellent manner and was promoted into another area within the company.

From:  P.M.W.D., Ford Engineering, currently an industry Legal Consultant

I have known John, my friend and colleague, for several years during my time in Engineering within the Ford Motor Company and have been impressed by his wide business and industry expertise. John has come from a family background that has afforded him great character depth.  He is a very fine, intelligent, articulate, innovative, creative and spiritually active person. 

I have the utmost respect and confidence in John.  His work habits are excellent, he is an effective worker who exemplifies organization and attention to detail.  He has had many business successes and his record speaks for itself. 

In conclusion, I would emphasize that John is a very unique individual that would be a substantial asset to any business fortunate enough to acquire his services.

From:  J.A.N., Corporate Legal Staff Attorney, Ford Motor Company

It is my pleasure to provide a reference for Mr. John L. Eilertsen.  I worked with Mr. Eilertsen for over six years.  He always presented himself in a professional and self-confident manner. 

Mr. Eilertsen worked on several major projects with which I was associated, and he demonstrated a unique sense of organization and attention to detail and deadlines while maintaining a clear focus on the overall goals of each program. 

He exhibits a strong desire to obtain perfection, but recognizes the need to be practical and flexible as required. 

I believe he can and would provide a dedicated and valuable contribution in any manner of management assignments. 

From Gordon Dye, President of Application Development Systems, Former Owner of American Business Computer and former business partner of John Eilertsen.

I worked very closely with John Eilertsen for several years starting with one of my first companies, American Business Computer.  John helped me organize ABC and grow the company until it was acquired by a large 3rd Party Value Added Network.  Since then, we have successfully done other deals together. John has always done exactly what he said he would do. And he has an excellent understanding of business in general. His forte seems to be marketing and management, with a talent for business planning. 

In the event I needed the services of John Eilertsen I would not hesitate for a moment to hire him. He always carries his weight.